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1.Choose the correct item. (пишите только номер предложения и выбранный ответ)

1.I ___________ new to the school.

  • a) is
  • b) are
  • c) am

2.Will you come sailing with me& No, I ____________.

  • a) will
  • b) don’t
  • c) won’t

3.Rhinos have got horns _________ on their heads.

  • a) on
  • b) up
  • c) out

4.Sue and I are friends. ___________ walk to school together.

  • a) We
  • b) They
  • c) You

5.Can you put _____________ rice in my bowl, please?

  • a) any
  • b) a
  • c) some

6.Whose house is that? It’s ______________ house.

  • a) Katies’
  • b) Katie
  • c) Katie and Jack’s

7.Have you got a toothache? You must see a _____________ .

  • a) doctor
  • b) dentist
  • c) teacher

8.I’m American. I’m from ____________.

  • a) The USA
  • b) The UK
  • c) Canada

9.What are you ____________ now/

  • a) does
  • b) do
  • c) doing

10.There are six ___________ on the table.

  • a) knives
  • b) knife
  • c) box

11.You __________ go skiing. There isn’t any snow!

  • a) can’t
  • b) can
  • c) must

12.This house belongs to John. It’s __________.

  • a) her
  • b) our
  • c) his

13.My hobby is walking. I like to go ______________ in the mountains.

  • a) swimming
  • b) sunbathing
  • c) hiking

14._____________ does the party start/

  • a) When
  • b) What
  • c) Where

15.We eat breakfast in the _____________.

  • a) morning
  • b) afternoon
  • c) evening

2.Choose the correct response. (пишите только номер предложения и выбранный ответ)

1.How can I help you?

  • a) Yes, please.
  • b) I’m looking for a teddy bear.

2.Enjoy your meal!

  • a) Thank you.
  • b) I’d love to.

3.Is there any milk?

  • a) Yes, there is.
  • b) No, it isn’t.

4.Where is the bathroom?

  • a) It’s in front of the sofa.
  • b) It’s on the first floor.

5.Where is she from?

  • a) In London.
  • b) The UK.

3.Use the words in the list to complete the sentences: celebrate, wash, keep, exchange, cook (пишите только номер предложения и выбранный ответ)

1.Americans _______________ Thanksgiving in November.

2.Always _______________ the kitchen clean!

3.We always ____________ gifts at Christmas time.

4.Let’s ___________ something special for dinner tonight.

5.Always __________ your hands before you prepare food.



Ответ дан

1-c 2-c 3-a 4-a 5-c 6-c 7-b 8-a 9-c 10-a 11-a 12-c 13-c 14-a 15-a

1-b 2-a 3-a 4-b 5-b

1-celebrate 2-keep 3-exchange 4-cook 5-wash

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