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Написать глаголы во II форме и перевести на русский язык

1. do - __________________
2. cook ________________
3. get - __________________
4. eat - ________________
5. drink- ________________
6. wash - ___________________
7. clean- ____________________
8. go - ___________________
9. carry - _____________________
10. come - __________________

Fill in the gaps with: quiet, crowded, a mine, puzzled, introduced, rush, weekly, ruined, worried, knocked
Добавить слова в предложения

1. There were very many people on the bus. It was __________________.
2. The teacher was ________________. There were no pupils in the class. It was empty.
3. The new student ______________ herself. Her name was Sue Lee.
4. My mum was very _____________ yesterday. I didn't come home from school on time.
5. They saw many _______________ houses in the town. It looked like a deserted one.
6. There are a lot of _____________ programmes on TV.
7. We are not late. Don't ________________ so.
8. We ______________ on the door. But nobody answered.
9. My father works in _________________. It is very dangerous.
10. Our town is very nice: small, green, clean and ______________.
Open the brackets using correct forms of the verbs in Past Simple.
Раскрыть скобки используя глаголы в простом прошедшем времени
1. __________________________ (they/be) at the cinema yesterday?
2. She___________________(not/be) at school yesterday.
3. ___________________________ (your friends/visit) you at the weekend?
4. When ____________________(Tom/go) to France?
5. I ________________ (give) a very unusual present to my friend for his last birthday.
6. Sam__________________ (not/buy) any milk for the birthday cake.
7. We _________________ (decorate) the house together.
8. They _________________________ (not/want) to go to bed. They were very excited.
9. What decorations _______________________ (they/ make) for the party?
10. They ___________________ (enjoy) the film very much. It was very interesting.
Очень срочно нужно пж!!!!!!!

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Ответ дан

II форма:








9. carried



1 задание:файл


9.a mine

10. quiet

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