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Ответ дан

1 the fanciest

2 the most graceful

3 louder

4 heavier

5 the coldest

6 more fluent, the most fluent

7 the shortest, shorter

8 the fastest

9 the most convenient

10 earlier

11 faster

12 slower

13 the hardest

14 more interesting

15 more careful

16 more often

17 the most expensive

18 the worst

19 more beautiful, the most beautiful


Ответ дан

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the adjective or adverb, comparative or superlative of the words provided.

1. This is (the fanciest) dress I own.

2. In my opinion, a deer moves (the most gracefully) of all the animals.

3. The politician spoke (louder) than was necessary.

4. When we travel, my suitcase is always (heavier) than my husband's.

5. January is the (coldest) month of the year.

6. Mrs. Pedrido speaks (more fluently) than her husband, but her daughter speaks

(the most fluently) of the whole family.

7. December 21 is the (shortest) day of the year. It is (shorter) than any other.

8. Andrew is (the fastest) runner on the team.

9. This apartment is (the most convenient) of all the apartments I have seen.

10. Annie usually gets up (earlier) than her sister.

11. Max finished the homework (faster) than anyone else in the class.

12. A turtle moves (slower) than a rabbit.

13. Bonnie works (the hardest) of all the employees in the office.

14. This book is more (interesting) than the one I read last week.

15. Daniel drives (more carefully) than his father.

16. Judy goes to the library (more often) than I do.

17. That gold necklace is (the most expensive) one in the whole store.

18. This is (worst) movie I have ever seen.

19. Shaun sings even more (beautifully) than her mother, who is a famous opera star. In fact, she has the most (beautiful) voice I've ever heard.

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