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Roger Payne is a biologist who has taken a particular interest in the humpback whale. He first encountered the animals on a visit to Bermuda in 1967.It was during this visit that he met Frank Watlington,who told him that he had picked up strange sounds on the underwater microphones he used in his job for the United States Navy. Payne suspected that these sounds might be made by the whales, and he started a research programme into the phenomenon with his colleague, Scott McVay. They discovered that Payne's suspicions were correct,and that the sounds were in fact songs that could be heard over tremendous distances. Having made the discovery,Payne released a recording of the sounds which became very popular with the public and helped bring about the foundation of the 'Save the Whales' movement.



Ответ дан


1. Has Roger Payne taken a particular interest in the humpback whale?

2. Did he visit Bermuda in 1967?

3. Did he encounter the animals then?

4. Did he meet Frank Watlington?

5. Did Payne use underwater microphones?

6. Were underwater microphones used for the United States Navy?

7. Do whales make sounds?

8. Did Watlington impact Payne's discoveries?

9. Can you hear whales sounds over long or short distances?

10. Did Payne release any proof of his discoveries?


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