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Exercise 4. Determine the meaning of the modal verbs "must,' "have to," "should," "ought to" and translate the sentences into Russian:

1. You must tell me the truth. 2. Must I go and see the dean now? 3. The children mustn't stay outside by themselves. 4. It's 7 o'clock, they must be at home now. 5. Soldiers must obey orders. 6. You must feel hungry. 7. Somebody has to take the responsibility for the accident. 8. I've got to do some shopping today. 9. He had to earn his living when he was 15. 10. Do we have to stay in town the whole summer? 11. You don't have to answer my question if you don't want to. 12. Students should be well prepared for every class. 13. You've eaten too much ice cream, vou should have a sore throat. 14. Teenagers shouldn't drink alcohol. 15. If you're not feeling well you should stay in bed. 16. You should 1 stop driving so fast. 17. Do you think Paul ought to see a doctor? 18. The pills ought to be in a safe place. You oughtn't to eat cakes, you're putting on weight. Parents ought to take care of their small children.



Ответ дан

must- должен

have to-должен

should- должен, когда предлагаем

ought to- должен

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